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Project: 600 Block of N. Michigan Ave
Square footage: 17,500 s.f.

Scope: Complete roof removal and replacement with Johns Manville Two ply Self-Adhering modified, R-24 insulation assembly, and ELM’s Liquid membrane coating.

Among numerous applicants, Preservation Services was the chosen contractor for the roof replacement project of the 600 block of N. Michigan Ave in Chicago, a building housing some of the city’s most notorious names in retail, including Nike Town, Garmen, and Cole Hahn.

Though this project was relatively small in scale, this 17,500 square foot roof area proved a worthy test, with multiple levels and complicated logistics. As the address infers, among the primary challenges faced by the Preservation Services team was completing a roofing project in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile retail district.

All operations were seamless for the public at street level, however, each night, all hoisting and disposal operations were executed behind the scenes from the alley just east of Michigan Avenue. This required the construction of a 90’ alley canopy with two trap doors and extensive hoisting provisions to the multiple areas of the roof. Despite the magnitude of this and other elements necessary to the project, all operations were executed without disturbance to any tenants or customers amidst the beginning of a busy Christmas shopping season.

The owner and property manager sought out a roof system that would meet the criteria of the 2008 City of Chicago energy code for insulation R-value and reflectivity. The roof system selected for this project was R-24 insulation with two plies of self adhering modified bitumen membrane, which was then coated with Green Product’s ELMS® (Environmental Liquid Membrane System) for reflectivity.

Additionally, the Johns Manville Clean Bond ® self adhering modified bitumen membrane technology was chosen to give the customer an energy efficient, redundant, traditional two ply system without the use of open flame, and as a result—occupants and retail patrons unknowingly enjoyed an odor free installation.

Our sister company, Fieldstone Building Services preformed a complete masonry scope during the roofing project. Their work included tuckpointing of failing mortar joints, multiple brick replacement, and expanding scuppers to allow for better drainage of the roof system.

Key Points:

  • Logistics of the project: 90’ Alley canopy, night work, multiple levels
  • Self adhering modified technology
  • City of Chicago criteria installed (R-24 insulation and reflectivity)
  • Project completed during the Christmas shopping season on the Magnificent Mile Retail Area.
  • PSI completed the project on time and on budget to the delight to owner and property management.
  • No complaints during the whole project.