Norway Central Office

Project: AT&T / Gilbane Building Company / TENG architects
Square footage: 75,000 s.f.

Scope: Partial removal and replacement of the Main switch station roof and office area

The Norway Central Office project was an example of Preservation Services complete service ability to its customers. Preservation Services worked with Gilbane Building Company and TENG Architects to design a roofing scope that upgraded earlier building design flaws, enhanced the wind up lift capability due to its rural location, and installed a twenty year roof system in the most practical manner. PSI designed a customized bid that decreased the project cost by half without compromising the roofs integrity or any of the necessary design upgrades. Significant technology is housed at this building, therefore it was imperative that PSI work vigilantly without any disruption to the operations.

The main roof comprised 41,700 square feet of the whole project, and had an existing tapered “All weather Crete” insulation covered by a built-up roof, two PVC single-ply recover roofs, and a ballasted EPDM roof at the top. Part of PSI value engineering was to leave the sound “All weather Crete” and remove all assemblies above it to avoid the high cost of replicating this material’s slope and r-value function. We made this recommendation only after extensive testing was done to the “All Weather Crete” to make sure it was suitable to remain. In the course of this testing, it was noticed that bottom 12′ was saturated and needed to be removed. PSI began the project by removing the bottom 12′ down to the deck and installing new tapered insulation. The remaining area of the roof was removed down to the all weather Crete and 1″ isocyanurate (R-value of 6), was installed, followed by the application of a single layer of 60 mil TPO membrane throughout. This assembly was secured in place with the existing ballast river rock. Westile ballast pavers were fortified around the entire perimeter to provide additional wind uplift capability due to the buildings rural location. PSI’s sister company Fieldstone Building Services was utilized to add 12 new scuppers through the soffit of the building to enhance positive drainage on the roof area, as it was previously restricted by inadequate size and spacing of the existing drains.

The design of the office roof area again utilized the existing tapered insulation once it was found suitable to remain. Due to its different existing roof composition, it was decided that a new two-ply John Manville APP modified roof system over 2″ (R-12.1) Isocyanruate insulation and 1/2″ Dura board was best suited for this section. PSI added additional gutters and downspouts to take advantage of the slope of the existing tapered slope and prevent ponding water. Due in large part to PSI assistance, the roofing project was kept below the customer’s budget with multiple upgrades that enhanced the complete function of the roof system.