Project: BP-702
Square footage: 24,900 square feet

Scope: Recovery of existing roof system

To meet demand in research, BP upgraded and remodeled the entire 24,900 square feet of Building 702 with the latest in technology. To accommodate the new research equipment, the installation of over 200 new roof top curbs and projections were required. This extensive construction caused irreversible damage to the existing PVC roof membrane. Understanding the age and condition of the roof, it was critical to install a new system to protect the equipment below. Due to Preservation’s procedures, unblemished campus installation record, and knowledge of campus policy, Preservation was awarded the contract to complete the roofing project.

With site policy restricting the use of open flames and hot asphalt while requiring the use of a non-slip membrane with redundant protection, a two-ply modified system adhered in cold adhesive was the perfect system choice. The project scope included the removal of the existing single-ply roof membrane to allow inspection of the underlying insulation. Once all wet insulation was replaced, a layer of Johns Manville ¼” Invinsa board was adhered to the insulation in cold adhesive, covered by the modified membrane.

The recovery project was scheduled to start late in the “roofing season” to allow for completion of the curb installation phase. Due to the temperature sensitivity of the membrane adhesive, Preservation was challenged to complete the project before winter weather prevented installation. To meet the deadline, Preservation outlined and maintained an aggressive, expedited schedule to utilize every possible work day. Extended days, mandatory weekends, and larger crew size ensured the damaged roof membrane was replaced timely to ensure the building remained water tight. With this commitment, Preservation was able to install the recovery roof before winter, protecting the equipment and allowing the remodeling project to continue uninterrupted.

Key Points:

  • Expedited construction schedule
  • Deadline met
  • Building remained water tight
  • Remodeling continued uninterrupted